We are still working out the kinks for locations, but the date and time are set.

September 30, 2018. 9am. Somewhere in the Rockport/Fulton area.

Brunch will be served following the ceremony. That’s all I know right now! More details will be coming…check back here as it gets closer. (Or call Amanda or Rob!)

We sincerely hope you will wear your favorite outfit! Whether it is board shorts & flip-flops, or a tutu & sparkles, black spike heels & your favorite band shirt, or if you would be more comfortable in something a little more “conventional”, we want you to be your best self,  to be comfortable, to support us joyfully as we embark on this amazing journey, and most of all…to HAVE FUN!

We will have some sunscreen and bug spray on hand for our friends and family. This is the end of the South Texas summer. Expect hot. Expect bugs. Be prepared and have a great time!