Other Fun Stuff

Thursday, September 27

We will be in Rockport on Thursday afternoon. Some of you are travelling from far away and will be arriving early…please reach out to us so we can meet up!

Friday, Sept 28

No plans for Friday, YET! But for anyone that’s in town, a group trip to the Aquarium (in Corpus) or the USS Lexington (also in Corpus) would be a blast! Alternately, we could all go get tattoos. I am only sort of kidding.

Saturday, Sept 29

We are going to be tied up with the rehearsal in the morning, but after that we hope to spend some time with y’all!

Rob is (obviously) going fishing. Probably Packery Channel, which also has a nice beach to play on. Probably late morning through whenever he decides to come home (is that better, babe?). There are not any firm plans yet, but hopefully it will be an awesome beach day and some fish will get caught. Please RSVP on the card enclosed with your invitation, so we can have a rough headcount and figure out the details. We will keep you posted as it gets closer!

Amanda will be decorating the wedding venue. If you are enjoy playing with shiny things, and take direction well (kidding, sort of!), then reach out to Amanda to join in this fun with the cool kids!

Saturday  evening Ma Wilson (Amanda’s mom, Cheryl) will be hosting the rehearsal dinner at her new house in Fulton. I think it will be around 7pm. We promise hot dogs on the grill, sidewalk chalk for your inner Picasso, bubbles everywhere, and fun dogs and cats to play with. This also has a spot on the RSVP card, so please let us know! This is a fun, casual, come-as-you-are chance to hang out.

Feel free to contact me (Amanda) if you have any questions or need more info!  (512) 718-7158 or wilson.amanda77@gmail.com